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The Living Fire Epub è The Living  PDF/EPUB ² A rich and significant collection of than one hundred poems, drawn from a lifetime of wild gratitude in poetryIn poems chronicling insomnia the blue rimmed edge of outer dark, those crossroads where we meet the dead , art and culture poems on Edward Hopper and Paul Celan, love poems in the voices of Baudelaire and Gertrude Stein, a meditation on two suitcases of children s drawings that came out of the Terezin concentration camp , and his own experience, including the powerful, frank self examinations in his recent work, Edward Hirsch displays stunning range and quality Repeatedly confronting the darkness, his own sense of godlessness Forgive me, faith, for never having any , he also struggles with the unlikely presence of the divine, the power of art to redeem human transience, and the complexity of relationships Throughout the collection, his own life trajectory enriches the poems he is the skinny, long beaked boy who perched in the branches of the old branch library, as well as the passionate middle aged man who tells his lover, I wish I could paint you I need a brush for your hard angles and ferocious blues and reds I wish I could paint you from the waist down Grieving for the losses occasioned by our mortality, Hirsch s ultimate impulse as a poet is to praise to wreathe himself, as he writes, in the living fire that burns with a ferocious intensity

10 thoughts on “The Living Fire

  1. Bernadette Bernadette says:

    I m so grateful for this book, it has restored my faith in poetry I uses to love to read and write poetry as a teenager but somehow stopped often finding modern poetry, both Dutch and English language, self indulgent or just undecipherable or both , and I guess both the reading and writing of poetry had started to feel too self

  2. Stephen Kiernan Stephen Kiernan says:

    After reading and enjoying many of this poet s earlier books, I picked up this one a new and collected gathering The best of his earlier poems are here, and the new poems are arresting and moving This is not a poet who hides his feelings in overjazzed language, nor cloaks his ideas in obscurity as many contemporary poets do Instead he

  3. Harper Curtis Harper Curtis says:

    InspiringA great collection from a fabulous poet This New and Selected includes poems dating from 1981 For the Sleepwalkers to shortly before its publication in 2010 There is a great variety of tone and form and subject matter here, really something for everyone.At the front there are some new poems, not printed in any other collection.Here

  4. Christina M Rau Christina M Rau says:

    Just when I thought the poems couldn t get any better line breaks that made me go oh cadences that made me go ah diction and imagery and conceits that made me say yes yes yes Hirsch goes into form poems and blows me the frig away The Living Fire is a compilation of perhaps his greatest hits from previous collections Now I want to read the rest of t

  5. Shannon Shannon says:

    One of the best books of poetry I ve ever read It s absolutely beautiful.

  6. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Reverent and plain, praising and ordinary all at the same time I don t know why I like this poet s voice, I just like it I hear his academic tone in many of the poems but it doesn t either enhance or de enhance my reading of him it is just his voice, calm, clear, masculine, crafting poetry from the ordinary and wild gratitude infusing so many of them He is not a

  7. Kat Kat says:

    First, I never, ever imagined that insomnia could be brilliant Hirsch had taken a misery and made it genius This collection of poems was brought to my attention one morning while listening to The Writer s Almanac That tiny preview, while brilliant, did not even begin to hint at the poems I found in The Living Fire A few of my favorites Incandescence at Dusk, Four A.M.,

  8. J & J J & J says:

    Excellent I read a copy from the library but I will buy my own now that I have seen how wonderful it is.

  9. Laurie Byro Laurie Byro says:

    There is no better poet in my view writing today, and one of the least affected or arrogant poets I have ever met Instantly, once a poet achieves the acclaim or muscle that Hirsch has achieved, they act like they are the new men or women of letters Yet, for ME, Merwin among others, are poet s poets but not as well received for non poetry readers Levine wasof a Walt Whitman, a poet o

  10. Mmars Mmars says:

    13 new poems and selections from 7 other works For the Sleepwalkers, Wild Gratitude, Night Parade, Earthly Measures, On Love, Lay Back the Darkness, Special Orders I enjoy reading chronological poetry anthologies Often, but not always, the poems either follow each other with ease or the sections are somewhat themed and a poet s development can be studied Also, there s often that nuanced se

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