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Touch of Surrender Epub ¸ Touch of  eBook æ With his auburn hair and lean build, Kierland Scott looks man than lycan But his wolf instincts are aroused by the grayeyed Morgan Cantrell Not because of her beauty, but because of her longago betrayal, a fateful choice that made their love impossibleNow, however, the two Watchmen must team up, leaving the placid Lake Country for the forests of Scandinavia To rescue Kierland's brother, they must track a vampire—and use their combined shapeshifting sensitivities in a battle that will take them beyond death As the two learn to seek together, they begin to understand the history that has driven them apart But they will have to overcome death itself, if their shared passion is to have a chance

10 thoughts on “Touch of Surrender (Primal Instinct, #5)

  1. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    Kierland's surrender to Passion - Wow

    When Lycan Watchman Kierland needs to stop his brother Kellen from carrying out a suicidal rescue mission ,Kierland will have to accept the help of the last Watchman he'd ever choose as a partner, the gorgeous Morgan. Despite her 'betrayal', Morgan's the one woman Kierland can't resist and the one woman he ca

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    With evil circling from three collective fronts, the Watchmen prepare for war as it looms on the horizon, dark with inevitability. A combat trained group of shifters that watch over the paranormal species of Earth, the Watchmen are in the race of their lives as they scramble to find the Dark Markers. These magical ancient relics are not only successful in killin

  3. Jody Jody says:

    Romantic misunderstandings and life and death situations are just a few things keeping readers on the edge of their seats rooting for the good guys in this fast paced paranormal read.

    In the fifth installment of the Primal Instinct series, readers are thrust into the middle of the ongoing battle-of-the sexes between Lycan Keirland Scott and shifter Morgan

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I'm really enjoying this series, it's hot and has plot. gotta love that. and Kierland was awesome. Yummy.

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    What are we looking for in a Paranormal Romance Novel? I contend that, if we are female, we are looking for a heroine with whom we can identify to some degree, and a hero a bit rough around th

  6. Paranormal Romance Paranormal Romance says:

    Once the heroine could count her teacher and mentor as a friend but his past relationship with his father and his fear over loss of control made him break her heart. He went to another woman. Devastated, the heroine found comfort in the arms of another man and whatever friendship they had dissolved into fights and bitter arguments. Now, the heroine must finds the hero's missing bro

  7. Stephanie G Stephanie G says:

    3.5 Stars

    Morgan Cantrell is a Watchman for the Consortium, an organization that who deals with the supernatural. She is exceptional at her job and has no problem standing up for herself except against her former teacher, Lycan Kierland Scott. They both fell for each other the moment they first met and everyone new it, except them. Kierland refues to act on his feelings for M

  8. Ally Ally says:

    I found it really hard to like Kierland throughout Touch of Seduction, he was a total twit and idiot and really someone (namely Ashe) should have smacked him around a bit. Morgan and Kierland have this really complicated history together when they used to be in the academy together. Kierland was Morgan’s teacher and they both had the hots for each other but Kierland was too moral and decid

  9. Darcy Darcy says:

    I really liked this book and would have rated it higher, but Kier was such a pompous ass that for me it took away from the story. He has loved Morgan right from when he saw her. So what does he do, well he takes up with another woman, causes Morgan to run to another man for comfort, thinks that she sells herself to the greater good of the group and even in an earlier book offered her body to help

  10. April April says:

    TOUCH OF SURRENDER by Rhyannon Byrd is a paranormal romance. It is the fifth in the Primal Instinct but can be read as a stand alone. It is well written with depth, detail,twists and turns. It has sadistic villians, betrayal, sensuality, evil, good. life, death, Lycans, Vampires, shape shifters,and romantic musunderstandings. The characters are strong, smart, determined, likable and will keep you gues

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