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Kenneth Tynan Letters PDF/EPUB ß Kenneth Tynan  Epub that im affected Kenneth Tynan, gifted controversialist, effeminate womanizer, emphysema ridden smoker, and purveyor of eros for the intelligentsia, died too young, inYet he crammed his life and writing with passion Tynan s Profiles are a masterful mix of observation, wit, and intellectual ferocity, and happily, this glittering collection of letters is marked by the same qualities Edited by his wife Kathleen, they are a strong delight from the very first entry one of many castigating editors to his final communiqu , a verse marking his son s birthday, which ends NOW THAT YOU RE NINE, I M SURE YOU LL BE FINE FUNNY, AND FINE, AND CLEVER AND I SEND MY LOVE FOR EVERTynan is never one to be restrained by received values In , aged , he is already dashing off an amorality play The whole point of it, I feel, is that the Devil is horrified by the goodness of God and considers him immoral In a later missive, he claims that Christ was something of a criminal flop when it came to His earthly career, at any rate And a really good day for the young overachiever consists of chatting with an amiable Communist, listening to a skeptic on Anglo American relations, and going to the flicks with two girls Necked with both both have filthy minds but are pretty and well spoken, he reports We therefore got on excellentlyThroughout, Tynan is magnificently aware of his strengths beginning one epistle with Credit title this is a damned good letter and profligate with his bon mots Detailing one sexual conquest, he waggishly confides, I have not yet decided whether I am the fly and she the flypaper, or I the fly and she the ointment He s also capable of going from the ironic to the lyrical, though it s sometimes difficult to tell the two apart When Tynan tells one of his many Oxford girlfriends, I feel a sort of divine compassion for the whole human race when I m with you because they aren t, he seems utterly sincere, but it s hard to avoid the note of taunting superiority Nonetheless, this collection really comes into its own in Tynan s university years, for postwar Oxford was fast, piratical and quite clever, and he was among the best and brightest The mere thought of his being one of CS Lewis s students gives one pleasurable pauseTynan s early accomplishments are almost legendary, and this book will only fuel the flames After he graduated, his success both in the theater which he saw as central to public life and journalism seems to have come easily, but these letters prove how tireless he was They also are important as cultural and social history Here are Tynan s earnest and acidulous takes on his famous debate with Truman Capote over the moral responsibility of the writer the scandal that eventuated from his use of the word fuck live on the BBC as well as his sincere defense of pornography and struggle against censorship This last, unfortunately, led to his squandering his talents on the mass market naughtiness of Oh Calcutta Writing to his wife Kathleen, Tynan claims, I know that nobody ever changed history with a letter Many audacious examples in this collection prove him wrongKerry Fried

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