Making the Most of Shade: How to Plan, Plant, and Grow a

Making the Most of Shade: How to Plan, Plant, and Grow a A gorgeous celebration of the shade garden featuring nearlyperennials, annuals, bulbs, ferns, ornamental grasses, and climbing plants that will thrive without direct sunlightA shaded garden can be a soothing sanctuary that even the most dedicated sun worshipper can welcome on a hot summer day But how do you get plants to grow in a spot where trees and shrubs hide the sun In this stunning volume, garden expert Larry Hodgson shows how to create a lush and lovely garden filled with plants that will flourish in the shadeThe first part covers the basics of shade gardening, including planning, planting, and problem solving Here readers will find out how to use shade tolerant grasses and groundcovers for the root filled areas under trees discover solutions for dry shade and heavy needle and leaf drop and learn what to do if a tree should fall and a shade garden is suddenly thrust back in the sun The second part is devoted to an encyclopedia of shade loving plantsComplete with expert designs for five different kinds of shaded gardens, Making the Most of Shade is a splendid new gardening title by the popular author of Perennials for Every Purpose, which Susan McClure, author of Easy Care Perennial Gardens, called a treasure the next best thing to having a friendly expert whispering in your ear as you plan, plant, and perfect your perennial garden

10 thoughts on “Making the Most of Shade: How to Plan, Plant, and Grow a Fabulous Garden That Lightens Up the Shadows

  1. Liz Liz says:

    Super helpful I m excited to try to buy some plants and not kill them.

  2. Barbara Barbara says:

    Thus book will make you wish your whole garden was partial to full shade Very inspiring for those who struggle with a shady yard, but also long for a lush garden.

  3. Jessica Jessica says:

    genius a must read for anyone interested in the art of gardening.

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Beautiful example of shade plants from the tiny annual to the towering tree to create all of the lovely shade and a couple of ways to set it all up Being in a Zone 9 10 i found the book a little lacking as it was geared towards the inland zones that make up the majority of the states with notes about freezing and such Being in the SF Bay Area we don t get much of that, but also do not get the heat that some plants crave.Lots in inspiration that helped m

  5. K.V. Johansen K.V. Johansen says:

    Very useful and practical Even though it s American, it talks about plenty of plants for zone 5 and colder, and includes a number of native species It has some good ideas on how to get new plantings under trees to thrive despite competition from tree roots I particularly like its practicality it s not a garden book on creating magazine spreads, but on making a real garden with your own hands for living in, with lots that can be done with sweat and no or very

  6. Susan Susan says:

    What an amazing and very practical book The book is beautiful to look at and easy to read The information is extremely well organized and practical I was able to make a list of perennial plants for a container garden, and know exactly what the plants advantages and disadvantages are from water, propagation, to pests GREAT BOOK

  7. Kristal Kristal says:

    I bought this book for a specific project that I am volunteering on, creating a shade garden with several obstacles and it it a great reference book Well laid out, easy to read and find exactly what you are looking for.

  8. William William says:

    This book actually lives up to its name.Worth buying.

  9. Candy Candy says:

    Read this just for the petunia test alone What a great idea Also have used the trick for keeping tree roots out of newly installed plants in shade Excellent book, one I would like to own.

  10. Carrie Jo Cherney Carrie Jo Cherney says:

    So far, a very good resource

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