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Ebook  Ó Midnight Craving MOBI á When The Craving Takes Hold, The Only Thing To Do Is Ride It OutMidnight Vice, Book Patrolling Houston S Gritty Supernatural Underbelly Has Its Perks For Isla Alvarez, It S Working Alongside Nephilim SWAT Officer Jace Lane Ruggedly Handsome And Possessed Of Mad Skills, Jace Embodies Everything She S Ever WantedUnfortunately, The Demonic Blood Pumping Through Her Veins Keeps Them Separated, Since Relationships Between Human Descendants Of Archangels And Demons Aren T Actively Encouraged Staying Away From Him, Though, Is Impossible After She Winds Up On The Receiving End Of A Nasty Sexual Compulsion Curse, Courtesy Of A Sadistic Vampiress Suddenly Isla Is Overwhelmed With A Life Threatening Lust Only Jace Can SateJace S Principles Were Once Strong Enough To Resist His Longing For The Alluring Isla, But In The Face Of Her Desperate Craving, His Desire Breaks Free Leaving Him Wondering If She S Not The Only One Affected By The Spell He D Be Than Happy To Satisfy Isla S Increasing Need For Sexual Release, If They Weren T In A Race Against Time To Reverse The Curse Before It Turns DeadlyFor Isla, It S Not Just Her Life She S Worried About Losing It S Her Heart

10 thoughts on “Midnight Craving (Midnight Vice, #1)

  1. Karagan Karagan says:

    Oh so good Action right out of the gate with steamy sex around the corner.When the SWAT team gears up to take down a vampire prostitution ring, Isla ends up getting hit with a compulsion curse on steroids thanks to Renata, the vampiress that slaughtered Isla s family and very nearly killed Isla h

  2. Kendra Kendra says:

    Overall, I liked this story, but I really would have liked description of this world Knowing that there are vampires, demons, archangels, etc in the world isn t the same as learning how this developed and how the humans interact with them in the world How does it differ from my world...

  3. IkeaGoddess IkeaGoddess says:

    I liked the storyline If the story had been longer, there would have been time to describe the world it plays in better And the characters would have been filled out It seems a bit cut short as it is.

  4. ~nikki the recovering book addict ~nikki the recovering book addict says:

    I have a fascination with angels and demons and this book had both It s only six chapters and that was where it lost in ratings. It was too short That, and the fact that it lacked an actual plot I wish it was a full length novel with plot points But it ain t bad. Wish there was a book 2

  5. Felicia (Ferishia) Felicia (Ferishia) says:

    Cute short story with lots of smex I wonder when the next book will come out.

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