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➶ Gorky Park Free ➬ Author Martin Cruz Smith – Pv1.info A Triple Murder In A Moscow Amusement Center Three Corpses Found Frozen In The Snow, Faces And Fingers Missing Chief Homicide Investigator Arkady Renko Is Brilliant, Sensitive, Honest, And Cynical About Everything Except His Profession To Identify The Victims And Uncover The Truth, He Must Battle The KGB, FBI, And New York Police As He Performs The Impossible And Tries To Stay Alive Doing It

10 thoughts on “Gorky Park

  1. Kemper Kemper says:

    Between watching the 80s era Soviet spies in FX s The Americans, and tensions running high over Russian activity in the Ukraine, it almost seems like Cold War never ended In fact, because

  2. Idarah Idarah says:

    There are not many road signs in Russia, you know He laughed If you don t know where the road goes, you shouldn t be on it Arkady RenkoWhen Gorky Park was first published in 1981, it was immed

  3. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Martin Cruz Smith s Gorky Park 1981 is the first book in series set in the Soviet Union and featuring Arkady Renko, a homicide investigator for the Moscow city police It is an unusual work, for it

  4. unknown unknown says:

    There s this concept in fantasy writing, world building Sci fi too It s pretty self explanatory because these books are not taking place in our universe, it s up to the author to give us all the detai

  5. Armada Volya Armada Volya says:

    A little bit of actual research would ve been nice I am very forgiving when it comes to getting things wrong about USSR after all, not everyone lived there and not everyone knows the culture I was able to

  6. Lyn Lyn says:

    A mesmerizing police procedural murder mystery that also explores Soviet Russia and the dichotomy between east and west.Set in the late 70s the book was first published in 1981 this is the SOVIET UNION, Leoni

  7. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    Well Sigh I m deciding what to write Ok Truth.I m disappointed with Gorky Park , book one in the Soviet Union s Inspector Arkady Renko series Oh, it s a fine inventive entertainment for a mystery, with a lot of t

  8. Jim Jim says:

    This novel was originally published in 1981 Almost 36 years ago I believe that I attempted to read the book once before, perhaps shortly after it s publication, but did not finish I wish I had read it then Reading it

  9. Alex Cantone Alex Cantone says:

    Arkady had a sense that something was happening, but he didn t know what or where In the halls his footsteps sounded ahead of him like another man s Most of the officers on night duty were out on the annual push to clear

  10. Tom Mathews Tom Mathews says:

    I ve been wanting to read this book for a very long time so it was disappointing t0 find that it wasn t quite as enjoyable as I d hoped Some characters were well fleshed out and Smith was great at describing the locale, maki

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