10 thoughts on “Sipping Saints

  1. Jonathan Brenneman Jonathan Brenneman says:

    This is some of the most unbiblical of Wilkerson s writings It is understandable that Wilkerson didn t like alcohol, since he worked so much to help people and families whose lives were destroyed by substance abuse Wilkerson was responsible for helping many people to leave addiction However, Wilkerson s work here h

  2. Brian Brian says:


  3. John Michael John Michael says:

    A sad evangelical attempt at biblical scholarship by someone with a limited understanding of the original languages This is what we call eisegesis a reader imposes his own ideas on the text and then scrambles to support the interpretation The Assemblies of God church teaches that drinking alcohol is, if not an open sin, then a bad

  4. Veronica Lacayo Veronica Lacayo says:

    I think it makes a good point, but I don t think it defends its arguments very well.

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