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Hardcover  Ó Shift PDF á A new caliber of thriller set at the collision of s counterculture and the rise of dark forces in world government Heroes creator Tim Kring injects history with a supernatural, hallucinogenic what if Set in the crucible of the s, Shift is the story of Chandler Forrestal, a man whose life is changed forever when he is unwittingly dragged into a CIA mind control experiment After being given a massive dose of LSD, Chandler de velops a frightening array of mental powers With his one in a billion brain chemistry, Chandler s heightened perception uncovers a plot to assassi nate President Kennedy Propelled to prevent the conspiracy of assassi nation and anarchy, Chandler becomes a target for deadly forces in and out of the government and is pursued across a simmering landscape peopled by rogue CIA agents, Cuban killers, Mafia madmen, and ex Nazi scientists all the while haunted by a beautiful woman with her own scandalous past to purge, her own score to settle Chased across America, will Chandler be able to harness his shift and rewrite history Combining the nonstop style of Ludlum with the sinister, tangled conspiracies of DeLillo and Dick, and featuring cameos from Lee Harvey Oswald to Timothy Leary to J Edgar Hoover, Shift is a thriller guaranteed to be equal parts heart stopping and thought provoking

10 thoughts on “Shift

  1. Darcia Helle Darcia Helle says:

    I love the premise for this story Set in the 1960s, the plot revolves around LSD and mind control experiments, along the lines of MK Ultra experiments done by the CIA The writing is great, as far as the author s phrasing and technique However, for me, the story is all over the place At times, I felt like I was the one on acid I was a third of the way in

  2. Matias Mestas Matias Mestas says:

    Kring s Shift never really gets into high gearSet in the sixties, Shift is a novel that aims for the sky but at some point it gets lost somewhere else We don t really know where Written as the beginning of a trilogy that, as far as I m concerned, hasn t been continued, the book introduces a pretty good idea, plot and characters however, as the story goes

  3. Cindy Cindy says:

    Did LSD kill JFK That tagline drew me to yet another JFK conspiracy related novel The premise is intriguing it lends another level, scientific experimentation and mysticism, to the different conspiracies that abound Mafia, FBI, CIA, Cuba, and of course Oswald and Ruby But it doesn t do it well enough to draw me back to complete the trilogy and that bother

  4. Rich Stoehr Rich Stoehr says:

    The first pages of Shift open on my birthday, two years from now, and the story reaches back from there to a time before the assassination of President John F Kennedy, a time before I was born Coincidence Or is there some hidden meaning I should glean from this Shift is an ambitious novel in many ways, not the least of which is an attempt to create a new s

  5. Shalor T. Shalor T. says:

    If you are a Heroes fan, you are sure to recognize Tim Kring as the creator of the series For some readers this knowledge will either hurt or help your perception of the book As for me, I ve never watched the show, so I went into this book without any preconceptions about Kring or Dale.Shift begins in the year 2012 A fiery figure appears in the sky before s

  6. Adam Bennett Adam Bennett says:

    Shift is an alternate history novel written by the guy who made up Heroes the TV show and another author Together they have written a solid readable novel with a great twist on a timeless question If you could somehow stop JFK or any public figure for that matter being assassinated what would happen Many writers have written in this vain, some of the better

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This book starts out in the year 1963 Chandler Forrestal was just an innocent victim He met Naz, a nice woman who spiked his drink, only she didn t slip him a roofie Naz gave Chandler a bunch of LCD As if things aren t out of this world crazy enough when you are under the influence of mind altering drugs Chandler Suddenly, Chandler starts experiencing some me

  8. Nick Nick says:

    TV showrunner Tim Kring and his cowriter, theexperienced novelist Dale Peck, have produced an alternate history mashup of mind control, LSD, conspiracy and the Kennedy assassination that goes on a bit too long with characters that showed promise for a while, until, well, the damn thing exhausted me The authors beat the dead horse of a premise with a stick that

  9. David Tendo David Tendo says:

    Boy, was I disappointed, I had wanted to read this when I first saw it on the bookstore shelves, but it failed in a big way I really wanted to like this book, but I just couldn t, is it contradictory to say that it felt like too much was going on, but at the same time nothing actually happens I loved the TV series Heroes and I loved the concept of secret govern

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    I picked up an advanced reading copy of this book at Comic Con after seeing a panel with Tim Kring I was initially interested because I m a fan of Heroes but I wasn t sure what to expect from his novel I m glad I gave it a chance I liked the premise of this book taking a series of historical events and adding a sci fi twist to them and for the most part I really

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