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The Devil's Backbone Epub ✓ The Devil's  eBook Two sisters One murder And a woman who will cross the line to uncover a killer s secrets Though they are sisters, Kit and Jenny could not bedifferent Jenny is the dutiful daughter, following in her father s footsteps to become a Texas cop Now working as a detective in the Austin Police Department, Jenny is surprised when she sees a crime report with her siste

10 thoughts on “The Devil's Backbone

  1. jo jo says:

    great mystery it kept me guessing till the end i read it in one sitting, basically i wonder whether it s common nowadays for mysteries written by centered around women to use trauma as a pivotal idea i wonder whether it s common for mysteries written by men, too maybe some mystery readers can tell me as always with these things, my feelings are torn on

  2. Troy Stoops Troy Stoops says:

    I m not sure any of Kim Wozencraft s novels can top her biography a narcotic informant who ended up becoming a junkie and subsequently having a long stay in jail But The Devil s Backbone is a fine novel, driven by a hypnotic, racing hard boiled prose that rockets the reader from incident to incident In fact, it rockets one right past a few cliched plot

  3. Jess Jess says:

    Good twist had me guessing for quite a bit of the book

  4. Erica Witzke salzman Erica Witzke salzman says:

    HeadlineHave to put in 20 words ororwon t accept my five star rating so I m typing until it

  5. Arra Abella Arra Abella says:

    So the influence of my best friend continues as I read crime suspense books simultaneously I remember buying this with her because we love hunting books on sale She saw the book and told me that the book looks promising based on its description She was not planning to buy it though but I insisted because same with Suspicious Origin, sisters were involved s

  6. Dana Dana says:

    10 10 goes to the plot that drove me to finish this.Full review up on 10 10 goes to the plot that drove me to finish this.Full review up on

  7. Noreen Noreen says:

    Wanted, by Kim Wozencraft was a muchexciting book However, Wozencraft s books are unique because of her characters The dialogue and thoughts of prison inmates Wanted , strippers, and other non mainstream characters are raw and gutsy She doesn t write dainty books

  8. Carol0411 Carol0411 says:

    I thought is was a pretty good read.

  9. A A says:

    This was a very easy read with just a few characters It was suspenseful without being confusing and having to really think about the story line.

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    Just a good suspenseful read I don t know if I was disappointed with the ending or not but it was definitely sad

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