Sunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings MOBI Ø

Sunday Daffodil and Other Happy Endings MOBI Ø I enjoyed the conversational tone of the narrator throughout this book, his thoughts naturally developing, going off on a tangent and coming back again It lacks much of a plot, but when a twist does come it is unexpected and surreal, but also fleeting and far between Unfortunately, the ending wasn t very satisfactory, nor would I say, necessarily Happy. Fielding Montanna might be dead, but doesn t know it Sunday Daffodil wants to kill herself, but won t die Louie Louie has the hots for Fielding s once beautiful mother, and the mysterious Moriarty hasn t slept a wink in twenty three years Manhattan, meanwhile, is slowly sinking in a sea of sludge Obviously it was always going to have a happy endingP Robert s Smith s gloriously inventive follow up to Up A Tree in the Park At Night with a Hedgehog is set in a New York that is both futuristic and yet drenched in nostalgia, and peopled with charming, quirky characters all in search of their own happy endings It might have had a happy ending, but I never got that far Couldn t decide after 20 pages whether it was genius or drivel My indecision didn t last long Great title though. This doesn t even deserve one star, but there wasn t the option of zero Easily the worst book I have ever read for so many reasons. This is the first book ever that confirmed my initial first chapter impression of wanting to fling it out the window.

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