Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness As a Soul

Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness As a Soul This is a book for any person who is living with a life threatening illness and for anyone who is caring for and or loves a person who is ill Bolen affirms that the price of going into the scary places, of feeling like a piece of green meat on a hook, is high, but worth it We have no choice We will all face health crises our own and others We can try to bury our heads in the sand Or we can travel to the underworld We can probe We can listen We can connect to what we know in our bonesIn the ten years since the original publication of Close to the Bone, Jean Bolen has continued to explore the impact and the possibilities for finding purpose that confronting a serious illness and possible death present us This expanded edition includes a new section about forming circles in the time of crises, plus stories that support the process of hope and the desire to live and change as well as a very personal passage in which Dr Bolen tells the story of the death of her sonThis book is meant to help and heal, to make people less afraid, and to encourage them to trust the wisdom they have inside what they know in their bonesth Anniversary revised edition, with a guide for those who want to form support circles

10 thoughts on “Close to the Bone: Life-Threatening Illness As a Soul Journey

  1. Largercircle Largercircle says:

    My mother in law has given birth to five babies, miscarried one, and has been present at the births of at least 3 other babies She has also been present with at least 3 or 4 people as they died She always talks about how the processes are so clearly the reverse of each other watching the life come into a baby as it starts to breathe see

  2. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Very interesting view of serious illness as a journey.

  3. Vanessa Wright Vanessa Wright says:

    There is no easy path through a chronic or life threatening illness, but Close to the Bone offers insights that can ease the difficult journey.The authors align the phases of illness with stages of mythical journeys, illustrating them with real patients stories They also offer practices to help patients and loved ones reconnect with their innate st

  4. Kevin Pal Kevin Pal says:

    As the Introduction for Close to the Bone states, Life threatening illness is a crisis for the soul And once one who faces such a diagnosis understands that everything crumbling around him her is pretty much a normal thing during this crisis, then that person can begin to make decisions and live life in a way that provides meaning and hope when hope seem

  5. Suzanne Swift Suzanne Swift says:

    For anyone on a cancer journeyor anyone accompanying someone who is, this book will support you in understanding and seeing the richness and depth the experience can bring to your soul and human life

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    A really beautiful important book A really beautiful important book

  7. Skye Skye says:

    Soulful guidance from an authentic and heart felt perspective CLOSE TO THE BONELife Threatening Illness as a Soul Journey10th Anniversary Revised EditionJean Shinoda BolenIt is terrifying to be healthy one moment, and then to suddenly find there is a malignancy that could kill you, a sudden loss of consciousness, waking up in the I.C.U after a heart attack, or any other c

  8. Yulia Naganova Yulia Naganova says:

    Highly recommended bookVery easy to read Books like this one are really important for all of us Not only in hard times of our life but always.

  9. Callie Di Nello Callie Di Nello says:

    A truly wise Crone, Bolen s Close to the Bone is a gift for anyone affected or impacted by life threatening illnesses This book sat on my shelf for over 2 years before I was ready to read it some 2.5 years on from a cancer diagnosis So much of the wisdom mythological reflections in this book resonated with me plus it s beautifully written in a sensitive way A real keeper of a book fo

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    There were some tender and good points that she made, but not everyone is into myths and rituals and so some of the things she suggested made me wrinkle my nose in distaste The good that the book does is to point out the very life shaking events that accompany a serious illness for all those involved After I described some of the authors ideas on rituals, my sister was so put off she decid

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