Phantom Perfumes And Other Shades: Memories Of Ghost

Phantom Perfumes And Other Shades: Memories Of Ghost Foreword Looking Back Hugh B Cave Introduction Spectral Memories Mike Ashley The Man Who Died Twice Frank Belknap Long, Jr The Woman with Two Souls J Paul Suter The Dead Who Know No Peace Hughes Neupert Phantom Perfumes Ethel Watts Mumford A Soul with Two Bodies Urann Thayer Seven Grey Wolves Stuart Palmer The Creature that Rose from the Sea Muriel Hunt The Angel of the Marne Victor Rousseau The Thing that Came Home from the War H Thompson Rich The Punishment of Barney Muldoon Bassett Morgan The Spirit in the Garden Sophie Wenzell Ellis The Room Behind Walls WR Davis The Living Dead Man Arthur T Jolliffe Forgotten Harbour Gordon Malherbe Hillman Chained to a Bed of Roses Jack Bechdolt The Toad Man Spectre Conrad Richter Checklist of Issues of Ghost Stories Index of Contributors to Ghost Stories

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