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Hardcover  Ó The Payback PDF á Dennis Milne is a man with a past, and a past that involves murder A former cop, he s earned his living killing the bad guys drug dealers, corrupt business men people who, in his opinion, deserve to die For the past two days, he s been in Manila, waiting for his next target a young woman who s made herself some poor life choices, and some even worse enemiesDI Tina Boyd is a woman on a mission Tough, spiky and determined, she s looking for the man she holds responsible for the death of her lover She knows he s ruthless She knows he s dangerous But he s in Manila, and she s determined to find and kill him before he kills her Two cops with pasts that haunt them and a present that could see them both dead They are about to meet And when they do, it s payback time From the Trade Paperback edition

10 thoughts on “The Payback

  1. Mike Mike says:

    Action packed thriller, with former London policeman Dennis still in the murder for hire business Our anti hero is on a collision course with Tina Boyd, who s on the trail of a super rich, super bad guy based in the Phillipines, Milne s old stomping grounds.

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    4.5 Stars This was by far the best book in the trilogy and introduced me to the character of Tina Boyd who figures in her own Simon Kernick Series I liked the way Simon merged the two different parts of the story from Dennis s end and Tina s, both taking place in different parts of the world Dennis as a former policeman is quite a different and intriguing character It was good

  3. Yigal Zur Yigal Zur says:

    at the beginning i felt it is a bit cold and detached thriller starting with an killer on demand who is an ex police with not a very clear back ground but as the plot get speed so is the reader goes into a fascinating thriller which deal with the evil of human traffic in south east asia and with a very high level of moral stand of the author i missed a bit the true smells and sm

  4. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    Ok I admit, I am hooked after reading only two books from this author, I have been drawn from the start into the excitement of Mr Kernick s fast moving action packed dramas The Payback drags you into the gory and mystery filled action right from the first murder and with each new victim the suspense intensifies, the constant twists and turns make it a hard novel to put aside This

  5. Rob Twinem Rob Twinem says:

    Very fond of Simon Kernick as a thriller crime writer and this does not disappoint Yes, it has to be said there is little in the way of deep character development but what this book lacks in deep intelligent literary thought it makes up for in the ferocious action that starts on page one and does not let up until the end.so if you want to escape from the toils and tribulations of

  6. Kevin Kevin says:

    4 It s a good plot but very unbelievable with some of the antics What I did find was realistic truths that in some parts of the world, there is a lot of corruption within their own countries upper echelons.Good but not blown away

  7. Best Crime Books & More Best Crime Books & More says:

    I am a huge fan of Kernick s after reading Relentless I also found previous book The Last Ten Seconds was a corker of a read With this one I feel like it was a bit flat in comparison The story itself was okay, and we get to see Tina Boyd and her obsessions once again I just felt it wasn t as good in comparison to his last one.Like I said before Tina Boyd once again makes an appearan

  8. Emma Emma says:

    I love Simon Kernick Ever since I picked up Target I have been hooked Don t get me wrong when I give The Payback three stars I really liked it, but it felt very samey to his others I know its natural to have similarities, but I felt that others I have read have beeninventive and exciting, especially his earlier ones They were grittier andviolent, maybe not believeable, butpossible.I

  9. Sean Peters Sean Peters says:

    Hi,Another first author for me Recently reading and really enjoying finding these exciting authors and their novels, with Allan Folsom, Vince Flynn and now Simon Kernick.This book is very fast paced, gripping and tense, and all the characters come together.With locations in London and the Phillipines.Really exciting, last few chapters read today as I could not put the book down.Now lo

  10. Adam Adam says:

    Well this is my first Simon Kernick book and I can t wait to read another I thought this book was a phenomenal read The pace never let s up and is a real page turner The chapters were a good length and i really felt like I knew the characters.Highly recommended

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