In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle ePUB ä In These

In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle ePUB ä In These They were a talented team with a near perfect record But for five straight years, when it came to the crunch of the playoffs, the Amherst Lady Hurricanes a finesse high school girls basketball team of nice girls from a nice town somehow lacked the scrappy, hard driving desire to go all the way Now led by the strong back court of All American Jamila Wideman and three point specialist Jen Pariseau, and playing beyond their personal best, this is their year to prove themselves in the state championships Their season to test their passion for the sport and their loyalty to each other Their time to discover who they really are In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle is the fierce, funny, and intimate look into the minds and hearts of one group of girls and their quest for success and, most important of all, respect

10 thoughts on “In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle

  1. Mirjam Mirjam says:

    Was inspired to re read this one recently, almost 20 years after the first time I read it, and wow, will time make you experience a book differently But you already knew that, I hope.I like In These Girls just as much, but

  2. Rolland Rolland says:

    This book was recommended to me, as a father of girls, a coach of girls basketball, and a resident of Western Massachusetts near where the story is based And sadly, something rubbed me the wrong way about it The story follows

  3. Kate Kate says:

    Three stars if you went to UMass in the early 1990s, or have another connection to the Amherst area at that time Three and a half stars if you attended a small seminar class with Blais while she was writing this book If none of

  4. Sean Elliot Sean Elliot says:

    Reading Amy Bass One Goal last month reminded me of this book which I read over 20 years ago and inspired me to re visit the story The similarities between In These Girls, Hope is a Muscle and One Goal are largely superficial, th

  5. Grommit Grommit says:

    I saw the game I was there, at the Worcester Centrum.Their opponent, Haverhill, won the State championship the prior year, and they would win it the year after But, this time around, Amherst played electrifying basketball and score

  6. Mo Mo says:

    you know i wasn t a huge fan of the writing style, as it hung out in a weird limbo between literary narrative and non fiction journalism there was too much description of the quirks of the pioneer valley,than necessary to provide set

  7. Martin Martin says:

    A really good book for any youth coach, woman and or girls advocates, or just person seeking inspiration I loved this book and it made me better at supporting girls and women in sports and business But it s also a good read with compel

  8. Kathleen Carlin Kathleen Carlin says:

    Four stars for helping me remember what it meant to be an athlete and part of a team Four stars for bringing to life all of the messiness that often precedes great moments Four stars for making the community such an amazing character in

  9. Josie Josie says:

    A great book about over coming challenges Super inspiring

  10. Erin Erin says:

    This book was like coming home a wonderful reminder of all of the reasons that I fell in love with sports.

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