Secrets of a Proper Countess ePUB ì Secrets of

Secrets of a Proper Countess ePUB ì Secrets of Lecia Cornwall, a brilliant new voice in historical romance fiction, makes a truly spectacular debut with Secrets of a Proper Countess This Regency Era delight, written in the smart, sensually captivating style of Lorraine Heath and Elizabeth Hoyt, tells the story of a shy, retiring lady who lets her passions run wild while masked and in the arms of an infamous rakish Marquess a brief yet achingly romantic encounter that forever changes the rogue, who vows to find and unmask his mystery dream lover

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  1. Rane Rane says:

    At a masked ball, Lady Isobel Maitland lets herself free for the first time with a well known rake Phineas Archer, Marquess of Blackwood, with the mask Isobel can be free to do what she wants for one night Of course, she doesn t count of Phineas not forgetting her taste, but Phineas has his own mask to hide behind, that of a spy whom works for the British government, as a rak

  2. Booklover1335 Booklover1335 says:

    If Lady Isobel Maitland is caught even speaking to an incorrigible rogue like the Marquess of Blackwood, she stands to lose everything she holds dear Strict rules in her husband s will ensure that if she remarries or even forms friendships her mother in law does not approve of, then she will never see her young son again But one night, in a dark garden at a masquerade ball, Isobel giv

  3. ♥ℳelody ♥ℳelody says:

    I didn t even look at the blurb That cover is stunning.

  4. Daphne Daphne says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I bought this novel based on the reviews on All About Romance where it got a B and The Romance Reader where it got 5 out of 5 hearts , so I had great expectations The novel has a promising plot a beautiful, lively, and intelligent heroine who is forced to hide her looks and her personality to be allowed to remain with her c

  5. SidneyKay SidneyKay says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here What a great adventure Debut author Lecia Cornwall has written a winner The plot of Secrets of a Proper Countess is an old one, traitors, spies, hidden identities, a heroine wanting excitementbut the writing in this book is above the norm and we even have some unexpected curves in the road.I have to say right up front that book was

  6. Laura Navarre Laura Navarre says:

    In Lecia Cornwall s charming debut, the elegant ballroom setting of Regency England may be familiar, but Cornwall s unusually poignant heroine is anything but Widowed countess Isobel Maitland is a virtual prisoner in her London townhouse, trapped by the terms of her husband s will that transferred to her odious mother in law both Isobel s fortune and the guardianship of her beloved son Consequently, the Dowager Countess

  7. Victoria Vane Victoria Vane says:

    3.5 STARS

  8. Fangirl Musings Fangirl Musings says:

    When considering my reaction to this book, in general, overall, I d have to say enjoyment was found At the end of the story, I admit freely I was fascinated by the characters I found the plot to be readable The dialogue was believable The external drama was interesting, and well written But, there were some issues.From the beginning of the novel, to the end, I found the leading characters in the story to be very much grounded in reality

  9. Karen Karen says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here A man who s been playing the rake for so long, he wonders if he still remembers who he really is, and a widow trapped by the love of her child and the cruel terms of her dead husband s will into a family that controls her and despises her utterly.This is another I wished for a three and a half star rating plot wise, there s not a lot to push this book above the typica

  10. kris kris says:

    This was better than expected, considering the mess that was How to Deceive a Duke The story felt much better woven than the other, and while the plot did descend into melodramatic farce, there were elements of this that I actually enjoyed.HOWEVER 1 I am 110% done with the parent abandons child and through no fault of their own, fails to communicate their ever lasting love and devotion, and POOF, all feelings of abandonment and despair disappear trope 2 W

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