10 thoughts on “To Transform a City: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole City

  1. Gregory Gregory says:

    This is a fanstastic book Eric Swanson and Sam Williams bring a wealth of practical experience to the issue of city transformation They argue that seeking the good of our cities is simply an extension of praying what Jesus taught us to pray Do we re

  2. Brandon Stiver Brandon Stiver says:

    Great book with some really powerful concepts for impacting and transforming the cities that we live in Swanson and Williams present a theologically sound community framework that Christians in the cities can take and build God s Kingdom of transformatio

  3. jonathan chan jonathan chan says:

    Inspiring and practicalI like the biblical storying of Kingdom, the church history piece and the practical examples of real cases and practices that were out there in the real context.

  4. Robert Logan Robert Logan says:

    To Transform A City is the highly acclaimed book by Eric Swanson and Sam Williams that begins with the premise that as of a few years ago,people across the world live in urban areas than in rural areas That significant demographic shift requires the church to cons

  5. Corey Corey says:

    A decent book on how the church can see its role in its community Some good theology and plenty of stories It s writtenfor pastors and church leaders who may not often see their church in the context of their community or need some convincing that their church s missio

  6. Luke Evans Luke Evans says:

    Not good Barely any exegesis other than a brief and unnuanced view of Isaiah 61 Theology of Kingdom is not well explained or thought out Church vs Kingdom, seemingly the central issue in this whole debate, gets 2 paragraphs.Lots of statements that just assume things Hovers

  7. Milan Homola Milan Homola says:

    Seriously don t miss out on this hidden gem This book really is a necessary bridge for the next generation of the Church There is a solid experienced foundation to this book with little flare for one upmanship It goes to the heart of scriptures call for unity and it gives practi

  8. Jared Totten Jared Totten says:

    This book isn t groundbreaking Rather the book s value lies in the fact that the authors have done their homework This is an excellent resource that has gathered all the city transformation thinkers and works into one accessible piece.

  9. Charissa Howe Charissa Howe says:

    My full review can be found here My full review can be found here

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