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Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light ePUB Ù Beautifully written and refreshingly original makes us see Paris in a different light San Francisco Chronicle Book Review Swapping his native San Francisco for the City of Light, travel writer David Downie arrived in Paris inon a one way ticket, his head full of romantic notions Curiosity and the legs of a cross country runner propelled him daily from an unheated, seventh floor walk up garret near the Champs Elys es to the old Montmartre haunts of the doomed painter Modigliani, the tombs of P re Lachaise cemetery, the luxuriant alleys of the Luxembourg Gardens and the aristocratic le Saint Louis midstream in the SeineDownie wound up living in the chic Marais district, married to the Paris born American photographer Alison Harris, an equally incurable walker and chronicler Ten books and a quarter century later, he still spends several hours every day rambling through Paris, and writing about the city he loves An irreverent, witty romp featuring thirty one short prose sketches of people, places and daily life, Paris, ParisJourney into the City of Light ranges from the glamorous to the least known corners and characters of the world s favorite city Photographs by Alison Harris I loved his collection of essays and anyone who s visited Paris in the past, or plans to visit in the future, will be equally charmed as well David Lebovitz, author ofThe Sweet Life in Paris A quirky, personal, independent view of the city, its history and its people Mavis Gallant Gives fresh poetic insight into the city a voyage into the bends and recesses, the jagged edges, the secret interiors of Paris Departures

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  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    On completion Who is this book for I mention this problem below in a partial review Maybe you want a book offering a little bit for everyone I prefer a book that has a central focus A book for weekend tourists, a book for expats and that for a reader seeking information on the city s history will be three very different books I don t know what you may be seeking from this book I wanted to know interesting details about the city s past Some, but n

  2. Lewis Weinstein Lewis Weinstein says:

    I have decided to read this book because of my wife s enthusiastic review, as follows I have lived in the South of France each summer for the past 7 years, which also includes at least one month in Paris each year I read about 6 to 7 books each year about Paris, my favorite city David Downie s book, Paris, Paris Journey into the City of Light is one of the best I have ever read What a fun book to read Downie takes some obscure things, i.e the poles

  3. Katie Ziegler (Life Between Words) Katie Ziegler (Life Between Words) says:

    Gol LY it took me long enough to read this Because every chapter is an essay of its own, there were some I loved, some that were ok, and some that didn t capture me at all I will say that having never been to Paris, or even France, some of what Downie talks about were hard to follow One might appreciate this book evenif they werefamiliar with the city But I do hope to go someday, and I will definitely revisit this book when that day comes It ll come It

  4. Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance says:

    You may think you know Paris, but do you know the secret Paris, the less well known places in Paris that are a part of the city s history David Downie, together with his wife, photographer Alison Harris, takes you to these placesP re Lachaise cemeteryboats on the Seinea museum to ModiglianiButtes Chaumont ParkCoco Channelthe beginning of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostelalighting of the citycafe lifethirty one beautiful visits around Paris in

  5. Karin Karin says:

    I read this book in April of 2011 it is the updated and re released version from 2011 that I had and which I reviewed on my blog here here is the intro to that post PARIS, Paris Journey into the City of Light is a collection of 31 essays about La Ville Lumi re in which historical and personal narratives enlighten readers about Paris s present Author David Downie has distilled decades of study and experience and blended it with his unique adventur I read this

  6. switterbug (Betsey) switterbug (Betsey) says:

    I decided to read this, at a leisurely place, while I am reading novels, in preparation for my Europe trip in the spring, which includes the City of Light I got this, as it was highly reco d for us discerning readers and travelers who want to read about the places in Paris that are not as well known or understood, places connected to history that many would bypass David Downie is the master of educated curiosity With him we discover Paris, a seemingly public ci

  7. Graziella Graziella says:

    Prepped me to fall hard for Paris Wonderful off the beaten path wanderings, beautifully described discoveries in an already well chronicled city His chapters illuminate fascinating overlooked details of history, personality and architecture.

  8. John Pearce John Pearce says:

    Reviewed yesterday on my blog, Part Time ParisianWhat a combination David Downie is part fl neur, part hard nosed reporter, part scholar and all writer Combine that with his eye for the common man and you get Paris, Paris, the indispensable guidebook for the curious visitor less interested in the overworked tourist sites than in the small nooks and crannies it s difficult to find unless someone like him has already blazed the trail.One of the best pieces of news I ve

  9. Craig Roorda Craig Roorda says:

    I loved this book My wife and I traveled to Paris a year ago before we had read this book and wish we had read it prior to our travel It gives you so much insight into the history of Paris and the uniqueness of the city itself It goes into the less traveled areas giving you insight and stirring up a desire to walk the city to discover the undiscovered areas most Americans miss My favorite chapter A Lively City of the Dead goes into detail about the many famous people bu

  10. Joanne Joanne says:

    It took me a couple of months to read this book, not because it wasn t good, but because I wanted to savour each essay At first I dove in, approaching it like a linear travelogue, but I quickly realized that I wasn t giving enough attention to each topic So I read a chapter at a time between other books, and really enjoyed each chapter.I loved how much history and flavour the author offered for his topics If I get an opportunity to return to Paris, I will carry this book a

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