Captain Abdul's Pirate School Epub ß Captain Abdul's

Captain Abdul's Pirate School Epub ß Captain Abdul's A swashbuckling follow up to the award winning pirate romp Jolly Roger This is the story in diary form of reluctant pirate pupil, Pickles At Captain Abdul s awful academy she is taught such essential pirate topics as how to make cannon balls and the correct way to say, Ooh arrgh Discovering a plot to kidnap the pupils and hold them to ransom, she leads a mutiny Following this, she and her fellow pupils set sail in the Golden Behind and have a great life robbing other pirates Pickles revealed on the last page to be a girl called Maisy is happy because she has plenty of time to paint

10 thoughts on “Captain Abdul's Pirate School

  1. Annabel Laver Annabel Laver says:

    Read in SEN school engaging premise and kept children entertained and engaged using questions then drew treasure maps and explored the treasure maps as a class.

  2. Peggy Peggy says:

    My all time favorite pirate book Pickles is sent to Pirate School to learn to become a pirate Students are praised for cheating, swearing, lying and the like They attend classes like how to make cannon balls and how to speak pirate When Pickles finds out the pirate

  3. Steve Holden Steve Holden says:

    I always celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in my classroom It was a lively day this year probably a lively week that led to me being so behind on reviewing It s amazing to make fun, silly connections in the fun of learning and being together It s how I theme it, and this

  4. Radhika Radhika says:

    Maisy Pickles was sent to Captain Abdul s Pirate School since her dad thought she needed to toughen up as she wrote poetry and read.She hated the school as they taught them to be lazy and mean, until the she hears Captain Abdul s plan to kidnap the kids and demand ransom Sh

  5. Diane Diane says:

    If your dad decided to send you off to pirate school to toughen you up, what would you do Especially if the school might not be all it s cracked up to be Maisey overhears Captain Abdul s plot to hold them all hostage and she leads her fellow students in a revolt Is that tough e

  6. Catapimba Catapimba says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Tem uma parte muito ruim onde os piratas querem pegar as crian as para os pais pagarem, mas as crian as conseguem escapar.

  7. Sophie Sophie says:

    This is one of the most requested books in our house My boys never grow tired of it and neither do I My 3 year old son quotes it all the time Its full of detailed, funny pictures that kids can gaze at for ages Its well written and is a great story I m Captain Abdul, that I be An I m in

  8. Tracy Tracy says:

    I don t consider this an essential picturebook to have in a collection It wouldn t make a bad storytelling book with all the pirate word play, and there s plenty of action to explore in the illustrations with kids However, all the pirate students looked the same and that kept irking my eye

  9. Kate Kate says:

    Pickles only wants to paint and write poetry, but is forced to go to the pirate school to toughen up At school, they have lessons on history, language and fighting, all from the pirate perspective For those in the know, names from real pirate history pop up like Jack Rackham and Anne Bonney Th

  10. Elizabeth S Elizabeth S says:

    I think most of the jokes, not to mention the basic plot, were way over my preschooler s head, but she says she really liked the book Go figure Definitely an original plot, but not really clever consistently enough for me to rate the book much above average.

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